Thursday, May 27, 2010

'bird on Acacia' pouch :: a stall !

my stationery pouch

my stationery pouch

I'll be packing up. No more crafting for a while after making this stationery pouch for myself. My papers and writing materials and small stuff, one of many group of things need to be put together properly so I can find something when I want it.

I was given a precious piece of ink and spindle linen by Lia the other day and so I used a small part of it for making my pouch. The other side I used cream corduroy and lined it with thick bluish fabric to add some form of sturdiness.


::: handmade goodness stall ::::

I'll be setting up a (Bazaar Weekends) stall this coming
Sunday, 30 May 1 - 7pm
*SCAPE youth park, Singapore

If you're planning to be in the Orchard/Somerset - Cineleisure area on that day, do walk some extra steps over and say hello!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"chirp!; what a mountain!" brooches

bird on a mountain brooches

chirpy bird brooch

"what a mountain!" brooch

bird & mountain brooches

Two brooches made today.

I think I'm finally going to have a stall happening. Awaiting for confirmation then I'll post up the details next.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

hoops to accessorize


There is a piece of vintage butterfly lace left behind by my mother-in-law that I decided to make use of. Brian's mum used to craft too in her days in Palembang when her children are small. From the stash belonging to her that my father-in-law handed to me years back, I learnt that mummy used to do cross stitching, crocheting and sewing. I heard in the earlier days, she used to make pyjamas for everyone in the family.

my accessories

my accessories

By sewing the lace to my yellow linen and attaching it to a large embroidery hoop then gluing the edge behind, I made a holder for my accessories. I had the part of fabric made so it would be stronger enough to hold my owl brooches. I hardly wear these accessories now, preferring to look at them whenever I pick my clothes from the cupboard; its door where I hang the hoop.

I also made a smaller hoop for Brian's sister so she can hang it somewhere too.

mummy's fabric in a hoop

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I spent the morning just being in the space of Shinzi Katoh.
I need to get off the screen.

psst. Look what I found. and I can't help it, the wish-list is growing..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a peek at the pouch

makeup pouch

Here's a sneak peek at a makeup pouch I made this morning. It is made of two red doily checks handkerchiefs, green zipper, vintage floral sheet for its lining, stiff interface and a little filigree attached to the fastener. It has a pocket at one side.

I'm planning a special giveaway in June so the pouch is one of the items in the package . I'm looking out for cute and definitely useful (you know me) things to add along. hint: I'm hoping to stick to a theme. Keep a lookout here!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

babybug bookmarks

babybugs bookmarks

babybugs bookmarks

I shall call them babybugs.

Hope they bring a smile to your face
or like what they did to me,
a fuzzy cheer to the heart.

Friday, May 14, 2010

pouch for auntie's make-up

cosmetics pouch

cosmetics pouch

A cosmetics pouch made for an elderly lady relative whose birthday is in June. She happens to share the same birth date as my longest known friend so it wasn't easy to forget. Auntie is a dear who would often share her cooking and passed them over our gate and also watches over us, my family. Literally so.

Just the other day, we were returning home in the evening and I alighted the car and walked over to deliver some ice snacks to quell the hot weather for Auntie's family, living directly across us. I usually think the occupants are in the rooms and so I called for her through the living room window. I caught Auntie, one hand holding a toothbrush in mouth, jumping in surprise from behind the curtain. She was peeking out at us and didn't see me coming. It was definitely a "ah ha! gotcha!" moment. I momentarily teased her after she opened the door.

One of my wishes for her is good health.

I ought to add something in the pouch at a later date. Perhaps a nice red lipstick.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

spellbinding world of words

scrafaby worm peeking out

I'm about to embark on reading my last new book I have in possession here. The last one I read was 'The Russian Concubine' by Kate Furnivall. I personally thought the title is a bit of a misnomer in relation to its story but still, it was an enjoyable read. I bought both books at a bargain in HMV, Singapore. I plan to scour that place again the next trip.

Recently by chance, I came upon Catherine Lim's online compilation of articles, Vignettes. I was thrilled and whenever possible, read one or two articles a day. Have you any favourite writers since childhood? Among others, Catherine Lim is someone whose books I'd pored over when younger. I remembered the day when she was a guest speaker in my Primary School and later took a tour around the school compound, my mum pushed me to take a photo with her by the bridge over a fish pond. Later as a teenager in my Secondary school, I recalled her telling us a love story in the wide school hall. I remembered vividly, the feeling of being spellbound there and then. In my opinion and some parts imagination, she is someone charismatic, worldly and one who would dispense ready advice on a personal level.

oh, I made a bookmark for myself today. Take a peek at the tutorial below.

'scrafaby worm' bookmark :: tutorial

scrafaby worm bookmark

Ever tire of commercial bookmarks? or are you like me, who would just grab the nearest piece of receipt or paper clothing tag which I reuse for bookmarking purposes, to put in between the pages of the current novel you're reading. But really, I would want something different to greet me whenever I flip open my book. Something friendly - to look at & eco-wise to boot!

I'll share my process of making a fabric (scrap pieces) bookmark here. Hope whoever reads this, likes it and make one too!

The 'Scapfaby Worm' Bookmark Tutorial

cut and prepare pieces of scrap cloth for each side of the bookmark, according to preference (colour and size). here, I'm having scrap pieces of on average of 8cm width and have enough pieces to join up for the length, each side. I'd have the plain fabric as the "head/top" so I could draw on it later.

straight stitch to join the pieces of fabric together, for each side.

after, the two quilted fabric pieces should be about the same length.
prepare a cord/string, length according to preference.

top stitch the cord to the middle of the head of one fabric piece (right side) so as to keep it in place.

pin the fabric pieces right side together.
eyeball and free hand draw the outline of the worm in a shape you'd like it to be.

stitch on the outline you'd drawn, bearing in mind to keep an opening for turning the joined pieces inside out.
trim the edge (only if it's messy like mine).

turn right side fabric out.
hand applique the opening close.
top stitch the edge.

scrafaby-worm bookmark

then, the fun part of drawing the features of your scapfaby worm using fabric markers.

There, you have a companion for your book.
Happy reading!

Monday, May 10, 2010

pointy cycling cap

card for me

The day started out slow for me yesterday. It was nice to catch a Chinese movie on tv, did a bit of sewing, hotdog lunch made by Brian and then a Javanese massage in the afternoon while the father and son duo went "tricycling", got a new blouse then dinner outside home. nice. The best part, a handmade card by Kaeden guided by daddy.

cycling cap

cycling cap

The sewing that I did was a (rather pointy looking) cycling cap requested by Brian. I used the pattern from here but instead of 4, I used 3 panels for each side, both top and under. The pattern wasn't to scale when printed out on paper for me, so I improvised a little but on overall, it was easy to use. The fabric used to make for Brian's cap came from his brown corduroy pants and for the underside, my father-in-law's vintage old batik shirt.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

a hoot! for a stall


20 owl zip purses

With the intention of setting up a stall somewhere in a flea market of sort, I finally finished making this batch of 20 owl zip purses, all different in colours and fabric of its own. Initially I thought I had a stall going in June but it wasn't to be so currently I'm looking around, with a slight vex of the possibility of a stall after all the considerations of my timing in Singapore, location and budget. I so hope to be able to earn some allowance for myself!

Monday, May 03, 2010

a polka dot summer blouse

summer blouse

summer blouse

summer blouse

I went shopping for fabric last morning for a project in mind and bought two types of fabric for it. One of it is a turquoise polka dotted in brown/purple (I just can't tell) lightweight poly-cotton (I think). I couldn't resist not using some of it to make a blouse for myself later in the afternoon. I so do polka dot fabric, so much so I want to even wear this particular one. I used the pattern from Cotton Friend, Spring edition 2007 vol. 22 but I revised some parts of it. I added backing for the U-shaped collar so the edging will be neat and slimmed and shortened the body pieces.

A light summer blouse, good for cycling and for more hot and humid mornings + afternoons to come.