Monday, April 26, 2010

useful old school things


A small box of erasers I bought when I was teaching years ago. It always bring back fond memories of 'eraser fights' on primary school tables. Know that game?

tin pot

I had a pot which glass lid shattered from too much wear so I went and got a new tin pot. The seller warned me not to drop the pot quite a few times after the purchase. Until I had the feeling I'd bought a glass pot instead.


I'd a bad cut on my finger when cooking about a month ago. It needed a few stitches and at that time, I thought I saw the most amount of blood coming from just a finger. A neighbour over here in Palembang saw my healing finger and asked about it. She very kindly passed me an ointment (which claimed to stop bleeding within 3min or else a refund guaranteed) purchased from Hong Kong by her mum whom I heard, bought a bulk of it.

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  1. Haha... I did eraser fight too :> those good old school days.

    In my house, we always have 双虾标青草油, great for wound from as little as mosquito bites to cuts. It pains a lot when the ointment touches the wound, but it's really effective. Stock it up when you have the chance.


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