Friday, April 30, 2010

a summary (pincushion sets . swap parcel . pants)

This week:

pincushion+scissors+pins sets

pincushion+scissors+pins sets

sewing set

I'll be setting up a stall (here) (the event cancelled.) in June so I'm starting to make some new things to stock up. The first batch to be completed is my pincushion + a pair of (stainless steel!) sewing scissors + 5 pins sets. There is a little pocket on each pincushion to tuck in the scissors which I'd attached to the cushion using nylon strings.

swap parcel

Receiving the parcel of crafting items from my swap partner, Lia made my day yesterday. Gorgeous fabric, buttons and lace, bookmark and also her wonderful gocco printed cards(!). adore..

new pants

A pair of new pants I bought from cotton. ink. (see the pretty model wearing it.) I find buying pants a trouble these days, especially post child birth! I like the pants' drawstring waist, perfect for unpredictable waistlines, its roomy pockets and the comfortable cotton fabric. I also often browse my cherry magazine by Nicole where I like seeing its street fashion photos and check out the vintage clothing and items. Do you have a favourite online clothing shopping site? Do share..


  1. Ohh!! The pin cushions are wonderful:))

  2. so are the pin cushions for sale? i want to buy one, the one with the rose print fabric, pleaaaaase?


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