Tuesday, April 20, 2010


scallops in a jar

scalloped purse

When I first saw Lia's tutorial for her scrappy scaley zippered pouch, I wanted to give a shot on making one very much. But I didn't have a printer at home so I winged it by drawing a scallop pattern myself and over the past days, cut and sew my fabric scraps to collect enough to make for one side of a zipper pouch. One side only because I didn't have the confidence to put one together just like Lia's. True enough, my pouch turned out messy! I need to study the tutorial again. Nevertheless, I rather like its imperfections and it will be keeping my ointment and plasters for on the go.

I do like 'scallop' designs/ patterns/ edgings on fabric.
Here's something else I saw online yesterday.

How interesting? Found from here.

Also, I need to work harder crocheting my afghan. It's coming up very slowly.


  1. tas owl nya dari retrogogo ya mbak...
    baguuuus emang, kemaren liat booth nya di inacraft,lucu-lucu banget...sayang agak mahak harganya,hehe...



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