Monday, April 12, 2010

photo collage :: the 2nd year

photo collage :: the second year

photo portraits

So here's the photo collage made up of snapshots of Kaeden up to his second birthday. (See the 1st year collage here.) It's a smaller frame than before, 20 black and white small size photos.

The passage to Kaeden's second birthday was still, an interesting one. After the walking, I began to be amazed at the rate he picks up spoken words especially when near his birthday. When he used to call me "nanny" (I blame the fact he calls his daddy first) in the beginning, then "mummy" to now, "mummy darling" or "mummy fiona". When it was just a simple "daddy", it is now "da~ Brian".

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  1. the collage looks beautiful- all black and white
    its unbalivable that no matter where you live and what language you speek, babies first say daddy or in hebrew "abba" before mommy or in hebrew "ema"...
    after all we do for them... ;-)


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