Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kaeden's two

Kaeden's 2

Kaeden & his parents

On the 13 March, we had a small birthday dinner celebration for Kaeden who turned two. It was at a restaurant where our immediate family members turned up to celebrate with the little fellow. Brian and I got him a set of 5 Richard Scarry's 'Hurray for Huckle!' mystery solving stories dvds and a wooden dollhouse. It's been sometime since I last mentioned much about him here so here goes some snippets.

About Kaeden (from 1 yr old - current)

loves all construction vehicles

will watch 'Top Gear' with daddy because transport vehicles rock his boat too

favourite "mum-mum"s=foods:
bak pao
the very rare chocolates mummy is willing to share

calls his mother "mummy darling"




digs Richard Scarry's character: Miss Honey (the school teacher)

fire engines and fighters theme and relations are his current favourite

recently discovered and liking "Bob the builder" and "fireman Sam" on tv

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Kaeden too! The photos looks so old style... so cute! Is that your 庐山真面目?never see your pic before :)


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