Monday, April 05, 2010

In memory of :: quilt

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memory quilt

memory quilt

memory quilt

Joining our stack of blankets, is a newly made quilt which I'd intend to be in memory of my second child who could have been. The quilt is made of a mixture of new and vintage 5 inch fabric squares, size wise - 7 by 10 squares, interfaced with thick blue cotton, with lace edging and backed with a recent purchase of blue batik from dreamesh.

A week after the d&c surgery, my midriff was still bloated so I gave the traditional malay massage (a service I found through here) a try for the first time. I went through three consecutive days of massage sessions, an hour each and after, I saw significant benefits. For one, I could see my waist again and somehow, emotionally I felt better. From the lady therapist, I learn of "wind" being trapped in certain parts of my body and I could feel them. After the sessions and certainly from this episode of miscarriage, I'm reminded to pay extra care and attention to my well being, both physically and emotionally.

Yesterday at a birthday party, I could give the details to one who knew about my pregnancy earlier without feeling a stab at my heart and without tears so I should safely say I'm out of the grief period. Although time lessens the intensity of pain, the memory of it will always live in me.


  1. what a beautiful quilt and a wonderful idea. its comforting to know that you are healing emotionally and physically.

  2. oh i had no idea, it's been a while since the last time i stopped by here :(( am so sorry for your loss, i truly am.


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