Saturday, April 17, 2010

for my little prince


When I first saw the passport holder in Xin's online shop, Doinky Doodles!, I knew I'd to make it mine. I fell in love with her creation of the owl and the whole made up of its fabric and all, so I purchased it right away. And I finally received it yesterday, along with what I found to be a nice almost childlike color marker illustration of the owl on brown paper that came wrapped with the holder. I so do love things like that.

little prince passport cover

little prince passport cover

little prince passport cover's back

Deeply inspired, I thought of making a passport cover for Kaeden in an almost similar fashion. After all, he follows wherever I go so why not have him a handmade passport cover too. I looked into my biscuit tin of fabric scraps and found a piece featuring 'Little Prince' which I'd been saving (for this!). It came from an old pyjamas long before Kaeden turns up. Joining the scrap pieces together and interfaced with cotton and added bits of velcro and ribbon, a passport cover is made for my little prince.

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