Friday, April 09, 2010

Before the weekend

cushion with a handmade cover

cushion's other side

cushion with a handmade cover

cushion cover with a pocket

Yesterday I finished making and tied up a handmade cover for a new cushion insert. It will be going to an April born friend. I hope the cushion will help provide some comfort whenever she nurses her new baby. The cover is made of clean parts of an old white knitted sweater (some parts stained yet I couldn't bear to discard), red coarse fabric for the inside, remnant fabric for the fastening and my treasured vintage red roses on white seersucker cotton. The cushion comes with a pocket, perhaps handy to tuck a novel or a child's storybook in.

butter cocoa cake

and just this morning, a butter cocoa cake baked fresh from the oven. Whenever possible, I like to bake on Fridays. I feel its a nice ritual to observe for welcoming the weekend. I used this recipe, except I improvised a little by adding cocoa powder and chocolate rice bits to it.

Happy weekend.


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