Friday, April 30, 2010

a summary (pincushion sets . swap parcel . pants)

This week:

pincushion+scissors+pins sets

pincushion+scissors+pins sets

sewing set

I'll be setting up a stall (here) (the event cancelled.) in June so I'm starting to make some new things to stock up. The first batch to be completed is my pincushion + a pair of (stainless steel!) sewing scissors + 5 pins sets. There is a little pocket on each pincushion to tuck in the scissors which I'd attached to the cushion using nylon strings.

swap parcel

Receiving the parcel of crafting items from my swap partner, Lia made my day yesterday. Gorgeous fabric, buttons and lace, bookmark and also her wonderful gocco printed cards(!). adore..

new pants

A pair of new pants I bought from cotton. ink. (see the pretty model wearing it.) I find buying pants a trouble these days, especially post child birth! I like the pants' drawstring waist, perfect for unpredictable waistlines, its roomy pockets and the comfortable cotton fabric. I also often browse my cherry magazine by Nicole where I like seeing its street fashion photos and check out the vintage clothing and items. Do you have a favourite online clothing shopping site? Do share..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

for many jottings

journal + handmade cover

blank journal


I'm slowly putting together a craft package and in it, I promised to include something handmade. For a blank page paper back journal from Muji, I made its cover using a green checks doily handkerchief and scraps of fabric and velcro for fastening. I also included a side pocket, handy for a pencil. There is a little pocket in the front as well, good for pieces of jotted ideas on coffee napkins, namecards perhaps or a small bookmark which I made too, using small scraps of fabric and felt for interface.

May the pages of the new journal be filled with big plans, lofty dreams and countless creative ideas.

Monday, April 26, 2010

useful old school things


A small box of erasers I bought when I was teaching years ago. It always bring back fond memories of 'eraser fights' on primary school tables. Know that game?

tin pot

I had a pot which glass lid shattered from too much wear so I went and got a new tin pot. The seller warned me not to drop the pot quite a few times after the purchase. Until I had the feeling I'd bought a glass pot instead.


I'd a bad cut on my finger when cooking about a month ago. It needed a few stitches and at that time, I thought I saw the most amount of blood coming from just a finger. A neighbour over here in Palembang saw my healing finger and asked about it. She very kindly passed me an ointment (which claimed to stop bleeding within 3min or else a refund guaranteed) purchased from Hong Kong by her mum whom I heard, bought a bulk of it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


scallops in a jar

scalloped purse

When I first saw Lia's tutorial for her scrappy scaley zippered pouch, I wanted to give a shot on making one very much. But I didn't have a printer at home so I winged it by drawing a scallop pattern myself and over the past days, cut and sew my fabric scraps to collect enough to make for one side of a zipper pouch. One side only because I didn't have the confidence to put one together just like Lia's. True enough, my pouch turned out messy! I need to study the tutorial again. Nevertheless, I rather like its imperfections and it will be keeping my ointment and plasters for on the go.

I do like 'scallop' designs/ patterns/ edgings on fabric.
Here's something else I saw online yesterday.

How interesting? Found from here.

Also, I need to work harder crocheting my afghan. It's coming up very slowly.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

for my little prince


When I first saw the passport holder in Xin's online shop, Doinky Doodles!, I knew I'd to make it mine. I fell in love with her creation of the owl and the whole made up of its fabric and all, so I purchased it right away. And I finally received it yesterday, along with what I found to be a nice almost childlike color marker illustration of the owl on brown paper that came wrapped with the holder. I so do love things like that.

little prince passport cover

little prince passport cover

little prince passport cover's back

Deeply inspired, I thought of making a passport cover for Kaeden in an almost similar fashion. After all, he follows wherever I go so why not have him a handmade passport cover too. I looked into my biscuit tin of fabric scraps and found a piece featuring 'Little Prince' which I'd been saving (for this!). It came from an old pyjamas long before Kaeden turns up. Joining the scrap pieces together and interfaced with cotton and added bits of velcro and ribbon, a passport cover is made for my little prince.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

a (tiny) bed and lemons

doll house

sleeping bag

sleeping bag

I found it odd that the family of dolls from Kaeden's dollhouse set have to share a small bed. It certainly proved to be a tight squeeze. So this afternoon I made a sleeping bag for the doll children. It was a quick one to sew, using just one vintage handkerchief and a small piece of polyester batting.

lemon tart

Also I'd some lemons in the fridge and I remembered this blog post so I gave the recipe Sticky Lemon Slice a try this morning. I took a few bites of the crumbly tart and it was yum although I think I ought to reduce the amount of sugar next time I make one again. which I think will be soon.

Monday, April 12, 2010

photo collage :: the 2nd year

photo collage :: the second year

photo portraits

So here's the photo collage made up of snapshots of Kaeden up to his second birthday. (See the 1st year collage here.) It's a smaller frame than before, 20 black and white small size photos.

The passage to Kaeden's second birthday was still, an interesting one. After the walking, I began to be amazed at the rate he picks up spoken words especially when near his birthday. When he used to call me "nanny" (I blame the fact he calls his daddy first) in the beginning, then "mummy" to now, "mummy darling" or "mummy fiona". When it was just a simple "daddy", it is now "da~ Brian".

Friday, April 09, 2010

Before the weekend

cushion with a handmade cover

cushion's other side

cushion with a handmade cover

cushion cover with a pocket

Yesterday I finished making and tied up a handmade cover for a new cushion insert. It will be going to an April born friend. I hope the cushion will help provide some comfort whenever she nurses her new baby. The cover is made of clean parts of an old white knitted sweater (some parts stained yet I couldn't bear to discard), red coarse fabric for the inside, remnant fabric for the fastening and my treasured vintage red roses on white seersucker cotton. The cushion comes with a pocket, perhaps handy to tuck a novel or a child's storybook in.

butter cocoa cake

and just this morning, a butter cocoa cake baked fresh from the oven. Whenever possible, I like to bake on Fridays. I feel its a nice ritual to observe for welcoming the weekend. I used this recipe, except I improvised a little by adding cocoa powder and chocolate rice bits to it.

Happy weekend.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

schooling already!

first school bag

tumble tots school



After shortlisting 3 schools here and visiting them on Monday and checking off concerns of a clean and safe environment, flexibility of schooling hours and fees, at last we decided Kaeden should attend lessons in Tumble Tots. This morning was his third time there and we had daddy Brian to guide him along for the first time.

I like the fact that there is parental involvement in the program for Kaeden's age group and that means I get to work out. He certainly needs time to learn sitting down nicely! Also it's a good opportunity to hone fine and gross motor and social skills for the little one.

Monday, April 05, 2010

In memory of :: quilt

our blankets

memory quilt

memory quilt

memory quilt

Joining our stack of blankets, is a newly made quilt which I'd intend to be in memory of my second child who could have been. The quilt is made of a mixture of new and vintage 5 inch fabric squares, size wise - 7 by 10 squares, interfaced with thick blue cotton, with lace edging and backed with a recent purchase of blue batik from dreamesh.

A week after the d&c surgery, my midriff was still bloated so I gave the traditional malay massage (a service I found through here) a try for the first time. I went through three consecutive days of massage sessions, an hour each and after, I saw significant benefits. For one, I could see my waist again and somehow, emotionally I felt better. From the lady therapist, I learn of "wind" being trapped in certain parts of my body and I could feel them. After the sessions and certainly from this episode of miscarriage, I'm reminded to pay extra care and attention to my well being, both physically and emotionally.

Yesterday at a birthday party, I could give the details to one who knew about my pregnancy earlier without feeling a stab at my heart and without tears so I should safely say I'm out of the grief period. Although time lessens the intensity of pain, the memory of it will always live in me.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

comforting lunch

comfort meal

Only after cooking up today's lunch then it occurred to me that it wasn't such a mean feat to whip up one like that. It so happened in yesterday's Rachael Ray show on the tv programme, the host gave a great tip in cooking up sausages and I just so planned to eat some German bratwurst today. I'd like to write this meal up here so I could remind myself of this dish whenever I want an easy no fuss to cook idea. It's a keeper for the weekends.

To cook:

mash potatoes
peel the root vege, portion according to potatoes per person. throw them (gently) into a pot of boiling water and cook until softened. mash potatoes and flavour with milk, butter, salt and pepper and chopped spring onion (to appease the onion lover me and I also like the crunch it gives in the mash potato).

boiled frozen vege

over the fire and on a non stick grill pan, add about 1/4 inch water and a drizzle of olive oil. poke the casing of the sausages with a fork then add those sausages onto the pan. braise them until the water dries up and ready to be taken out from pan once sausages are slightly charred (how I like them).

note to self:
  • stock up on frozen sausages
  • buy mustard

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kaeden's two

Kaeden's 2

Kaeden & his parents

On the 13 March, we had a small birthday dinner celebration for Kaeden who turned two. It was at a restaurant where our immediate family members turned up to celebrate with the little fellow. Brian and I got him a set of 5 Richard Scarry's 'Hurray for Huckle!' mystery solving stories dvds and a wooden dollhouse. It's been sometime since I last mentioned much about him here so here goes some snippets.

About Kaeden (from 1 yr old - current)

loves all construction vehicles

will watch 'Top Gear' with daddy because transport vehicles rock his boat too

favourite "mum-mum"s=foods:
bak pao
the very rare chocolates mummy is willing to share

calls his mother "mummy darling"




digs Richard Scarry's character: Miss Honey (the school teacher)

fire engines and fighters theme and relations are his current favourite

recently discovered and liking "Bob the builder" and "fireman Sam" on tv