Friday, February 05, 2010

unripe green

tomato pincushions

Unripe tomatoes - pincushions made purely for the fun of it, sometime back. I followed the directions from Martha Stewart's. One day I'll like to get my hands on the Dritz tomato.


Heather told me she's passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award to me, along with 6 others.

I'm flattered and honestly, I felt I didn't fully deserve one. If what I thought was the definition of the award, I'm far from being a regular creative blogger, preferring to treat the 'table calender' space as a good opportune outlet. However, I'm going to treat this award with respect and follow its guidelines.

1) Copy the award to my blog
2) Link to the person who has given me this award
3) Tell 7 interesting things about myself
4) Choose 7 other blogs that I want to give this award to
5) Link to their blogs
6) Comment on their blogs that I have given them this award

It's hard to think I'm interesting(!) and even harder to pick out 7 other blogs. But I'll try.

About me:

I love eating the onion family. Spring onions, big yellow onions.. I can eat red shallots raw. Just give me a wide berth if you see me eating one and haven't got to my toothbrush and Colgate.

I played the flute in school and took piano lessons until practical grade 8 exam ten years ago. Make me play these instruments now without any music scores, you'll have to imagine I'm playing something new age.

I've a cello and I want to start learning to play and go for lessons again when my child(ren) is/are formal schooling.

I'm allergic to wasabi.

I don't like eating white chocolate but don't mind it in pastry.

'ah nong' was what my grandma called me when I was small and I love it.

When I'm a retiree, I'll have a golden retriever named Sash.

The 7 blogs (Singapore & Indonesia) I've been reading and will pass the award to are:

Doinky Doodles!

Fat Connection


Oriental Rose

Lia's space




  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. thanks a lot, you're such an angel thank u thank u thank u xoxo **blushing

  2. Lovely blog you have and congrats on your award!!
    I gave it to Heather.....

  3. Hi Fiona, found your blog through Lia's space.. Turns out we swap homes, since I'm an Indonesian who lives in Spore (for now) :D

    Btw, Love your work!


  4. 新年快乐!Thank you for the award! Did you come home for CNY this year?

  5. congrats on winning the award babe. you deserve it. missing you lots!


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