Saturday, February 20, 2010

new things

new things

new things

flower hair clip

I've been away from here for awhile. It's going to be like this, I'm afraid for my subsequent posts will be as soon/late as I've something to write about. Did you have a good lunar new year + valentine's day? My family weren't doing anything big on that Sunday but I'd a present from Brian. A Chinese style 2-tier cupboards for storing my stash, something I'd dream of having. It's still empty and I will get to filling it up with fabric, most probably.

and oh, I have to share about this set of grey colored rose hair pin and crochet necklace from Sibebo. It's going to be a favourite for awhile and the romantic big flower hair pin for a friend is very pretty too.

It's a week late but still,
have a prosperous new year
happy 人 日!

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  1. uhuhuhu..thank you for posting this :"> glad you like having fun making it (^.^)


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