Wednesday, February 03, 2010

dreamy win

amesh's hoop

amesh's topit

It's incredible a package of pretty things arrived for me this morning. Very fast it came too for I only claimed my win just yesterday. My first win of a giveaway!

Recently I got to know of some blogs with writers from Indonesia and I've been a regular reader since. Through Karina; Made in Indonesia, I also know of some talented artists/crafters and independent sellers with unique and good looking wares. It was truly addictive for me as you may realize later.

I haven't been a loyal admirer of batik but Amesh's range of batik prints have me look at it differently and renewed my appreciation for it. From Amesh, I'm lucky to receive a batik fabric hoop, a felt brooch and a round Topit cushion which instantly proved to be a great aid to my lower backache these days.


  1. well that was fast! i only sent them yesterday :) oh am really glad you like them, if only i had ready stock for my frames too i would've send one to you :) enjoy!

  2. I've named you as a winner of a 'Kreativ Blogger' award. Please check out my blog for details!


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