Monday, January 04, 2010



It's unnerving to hear that there is/are case(s) of gun robbery, with the bandits posing as water and electricity bill collectors in the estate I'm living in, only recently. What unsettling hearsay if it's true, bad news. I hope Mambo roaming in the front porch and our two schnauzers at the back would help deter such an unfortunate encounter.

brooch - barn owl on a branch embroidery

brooch - solitary owl on a branch

Here, more innocent updates. Two owl brooches now in my shop.


  1. that does sound terrable! and i know what you mean. unfortenetly i feel very destructed my self latly becues of terrable things that happend latly in israel. i cant even write about it in public , its so terrable!
    but fiona- thanks for stoping by my blog! and i love your new creations! i realy love the way you designd your blog! and the tipe of style you have going around here- its cool! you are talented!

  2. Ya, it sounds terrible. Just wondering, if it's possible for you move back to Singapore?


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