Wednesday, January 06, 2010

it's still bright and cheery

vintage trims + cotton zippy case

vintage embroidered trims purses

Just yesterday, I received this amazing set of fabric button magnets from a nice stranger in Singapore and I felt all warm and fuzzy and good. An art exchange thing I took part in December '09 and I was completely prepared to receive nothing for I know this circulatory forward form of exchange could thin out and end somewhere down the line. I'm glad I took part. I know someone new now, which is important for me at this stage of my life.

If my previous post has caused any concerns, I want to assure that our daily lives are pretty much unexposed to harm (except for the roads and whevenever we're on it then.) It's hasn't been easy living here, considering I come from a tight and safe city. Needless to add, the easy access to many comforts I was used to, I've to find my way around that over here. But I'm thankful for the precious albeit few precious perks for having my family life here and now.

In the shop today, I made up two zip purses using vintage embroidered trims. I'm a fiend of these colourful trims and turning them into purses make them useful and pretty to have around.


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