Wednesday, January 13, 2010

handy handkerchief tissue holder

dainty tissue case

dainty tissue case

dainty tissue case

Just tidying up and folding my handkerchiefs gave me an inspiration to turn one into a simple tissue case/holder. I added vintage lace for decorating the front. It's something one can do if there is a precious handkerchief that perhaps once belonged to someone dear, for there isn't any need to cut this piece of handkerchief up, just some stitching necessary.

I find this handkerchief turned tissue case to be a little ironic fun. Run out of tissues? well, at least there's the hanky. Do you carry handkerchiefs around? Or like me and I believe, many people prefer the convenience of tissue papers. This simple handmade tissue case is for a January born friend.

Try making one. If you'll like directions, write to me.

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  1. i love, adore, treasure vintage stuff,too! or rather, i'm a garang guni in Sin term!but due to space constraint, i can't keep all the treasures..i took some of such hankies fr my mum in law,too but checked, without flowers, not the expensive range...
    no-blog-friend (angela)


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