Saturday, January 30, 2010




A collection of laces, strings, ribbons and straps. When I was winding these stringy items a few collected from clothing and bags, all round cut up old calendar papers, old birthday invites and cards, I thought of my friend, Beehui and her mother who helped make my collection of laces and ribbons almost instant.

Take a peek at Lisa Congdon's a collection a day 2010, here.

psst, there are some fabulous giveaways going on.

Go see. I haven't any luck with giveaways. There, I've said it and jinxed myself.

Happy weekend.


  1. dear fiona, i finally "found" u again... u know, my notebook was down for a few months and when it got working again, everything was wiped out... so i've been trying to 'find' you and when i did, tata! i saw my name *_* i even recognise the ribbon from myanmar. looking forward to seeing more nice creations from you and about your life. take care!

  2. oooooo yummy2 collection! argchchhch so nice!


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