Friday, January 22, 2010

bread by hand


white loaf

bake of the week: farmhouse white loaf
recipe from this book.

First attempt at making bread by hand, not a perfection but luckily, bread still turned out. There were a few lessons learnt. For one, when the book says to rise the dough in a warm place, it means placing near a heat source, on top of a warm oven is good. Noted. Not warmth from the weather in Palembang.


  1. Good job! Brave attempt! I was taught how to make bread during a baking lesson which I attended in CC but I have never dare to attempt. It was such a tiring job to do with hand.

  2. Are you in Palembang? awwww I miss Palembang's good food :(..I'm having a giveaway at my blog...come by if you have time and join in the fun :)

  3. yummy! i'm a bread person, its appealing! i wish could try...
    angela (no-blog mum!)


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