Thursday, January 28, 2010

birthday quilt :: a cat's guardian

birthday quilt

top up fabric squares

repro vintage fabric

A birthday quilt for a dear friend.
It's made early. I'm glad I have it ready.
This quilt embodies all my secret best wishes for her.

Just two days ago, my order for some vintage reproduction fabric squares came and I promptly started work on a quilt. I've been ogling at the fabric range from reprodepot for the longest and finally bought some 30's fabric squares for a variety and making two quilts in mind. Perhaps, scrap bags purchase and more next time, I hope? I picked out the red and purple hues from the package and top up more squares with some of my lot. The lap sized 30.5" square quilt is interfaced and backed with reclaimed purple cotton sheet, edged with vintage cotton lace and tied with purple embroidery floss. (See the whole quilt here.)


  1. so sweet of u...such careful sewing,great piece of art! ;)ANGELA

  2. that is beautiful!
    i just love that quilt!
    great work!

  3. So sweet, I like the use of different trims on the edge.


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