Friday, December 18, 2009

red doily


doily with owls perched

The past days of absence from doing anything substantial was because of me having to recover from a pretty bad gastric attack. It was the second time I've had such pain and the first time I'd suffered from gastric was when I was a new mother. I wonder why. I learn from these two or probably three episodes is that I shouldn't let myself get too stressed and tired out and I do think that Kaeden resting on me for long periods of time is a factor too. I supposed this time was brought on by that trip. On the early Thursday morning (1 am- ish) when the pain got unbearable, Brian drove me, with Kaeden in tow, to the hospital for a jab despite the fact I'd seen the doctor in the evening and taken my medicine before I slept. Quite an experience for the three of us, that car ride was. The car not stopping once on the road and seeing some characters and even children roaming on the streets in that owly night.

Whenever I can get a moment, I thought of crafting and doilies have been in my mind. I've a small stash of handiwork by Brian's mummy during the time when such a hobby was popular. A red small oval doily has always been my favourite and secret hoard. I finally took it out today and hang it up using my oval hoop. I first saw the idea here. Then I perched my owl brooches up there. Three of my favourite things, otherwise under storage finally get to see some light.

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