Sunday, December 06, 2009

picking then packing

breakfast today


Initially I planned to pick a winner for my giveaway after breakfast but decided to let it run a little longer. After lunch and Kaeden's napping, I got to the task of finding out who is having the purse. It'll be going to Carmel ( picking). Only if finances allow, everyone would be getting a little something. I wish I could distribute chocolates to whoever visits me in this blog space.

A few days ago on the hunt for some new toys as distractions for the vacation we'll be taking tomorrow, I wiped clean of the handkerchief section of the shopping mall, off its sale of floral and embroidered ones. I think if I wait out a bit longer and shop at the same place again, there might be some new ones displayed.

right, I'm off to pack and will be back in a week's time. I'll be checking my e-mails via Brian's mobile phone.


  1. I missed your giveaway. But I love you blog! I will definitely be coming back again!

  2. no! yes? realy??
    i am sooo happpyyy! what a great suprize!
    thanks alot!!!!


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