Friday, December 04, 2009

looking up, down & out

looking up

looking down

looking out

Some mornings Kaeden and I love to hang out around the front porch of our place. After breakfast and Kaeden still in his pyjamas. We used to walk around the area outside but these days we prefer to just sit by our "pond", check on the tricycle and walk in circles around. It helps eliminate the feeling of being coup up indoors all day.

barn owl purse

Here's a barn owl purse (my latest owl pattern) completed for Kaeden's cousin in Singapore. A very belated birthday present. She is going to start the year in a new Secondary school next year. All grown up.


I feel compelled to share about this new magazine, Extra Curricular in the market, after reading my favourite blog and knowing that Melissa's featured in there. I'm always curious about other people's business. I do like to read biographies. What more discovering new crafty people in magazines? I'll to have to get one copy.


Even more unrelated:

I'm rediscovering Chibi Maruko-chan on tv. The wacky faces of her classmates always have me baffled. and I'm excited about a new cartoon series about to show on Cartoon Network here. Chowder in Marzipan city.


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