Tuesday, December 01, 2009

friendship bag

friendship bag

friendship bag

There were some years when I'd meet my two closest girlfriends, we'd exchange gifts to mark the end of that particular year. It wasn't even arranged, it just would happen that each one of us would prepare something for the other. Some other times, one would give me a little something; soap; a treat, just because. Irregardless of the time of the year or of no special reason. In the spirit of that, I made this bag (made of a part of a vintage new old stock pillow case, lined with some thick bluish fabric) for this oldest known friend of mine. To mark this year and the total number of years of our friendship.

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  1. I have a few close friends that we will meet at least once a year. Initially it was more than once a year, then it was once a year and now I think it's more than a year since we last met. I think I should take the initative to call them out liao.

    May your friendship tree be evergreen.


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