Monday, December 21, 2009

Frank and breadfruit

conman frank



It was a difficult process making conman Frank. My first attempt at making a doll of humanly features, alright, wacky humanly features and I'm just not happy with everything. He had had ears which looked awful. Before he had hands, I'd wanted to rip him apart. He would survive on the condition that Brian take him and leave at his office, just so I won't see him. Frank had been sitting around idly over the weekend, with me thinking that there is something just not right about him. Finally, I lopped off his ears and gave him a surgery and new hands today. He's a gift to his saviour who by the way, named him.



fried breadfruit

Have you had breadfruit before? It's not often I eat it. Brian just brought one back yesterday from his father's warehouse. There is a breadfruit tree growing there and from what I hear, bears fruits when the season turns wet. It may look deceiving but it tastes alright when fried dipped into condensed milk, especially when cut in chunks, it feels like biting into fried bread. Not the healthiest breakfast but a gratifying one.


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