Wednesday, December 02, 2009

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bear keychain

Kaeden likes bears among other things. Maybe not the animal yet, but more like its non-living affiliates. He has a Bedtime Care Bear, a teddy bear harness with a tail leash, his choice of toothbrush in a plastic bear holder and er-hm, bear shaped biscuits. I made this keychain for him to add on to his possessions.

As mentioned before I 'd camera woes and Brian had the "monster" camera with him, I took a photo of this bear keychain made earlier using my mobile phone. We have a vacation lined up for next week and I'm thinking and starting on filling up two bags of surprises for my little one for the trip. Why two? One for the carry-on and one for the luggage to take. The keychain will be one of the stuffers. The trip to Bandung will take an hour of air ride and then about three hours of car ride, that's one way. Kaeden definitely needs aplenty of distractions and so the bags of surprises (a new stack of picture books and possibly new small toys and definitely some handmade of recyclables). Essentially little presents for him, are important - for my sanity.

The bear keychain is made of the old T (used here), stuffing and small pieces of felt. I found a box of fabric markers the other day and had a go at using it. Attached are a pair of old keys (remembering to wash the metal ring and keys) which didn't belong anywhere.


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