Monday, December 14, 2009

6 days in Java

Last week, we met up with my parents in Jakarta and from there, we spent time together in Bandung, a car ride in Puncak and finally a few short days in Jakarta city. The photos below are what I thought were the highlights of the trip.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Mount TangkuBan Perahu

Mount Tangkuban Perahu
checking out the crater and stalls of souvenirs by the slope; sniffing in sulphur

soaking in a hotspring

Ciatur Hot Spring
paddling around in a small pool of water (35 deg cel)

by the waterfall

Kampung Daun
lunch in one of the huts by the slope of waterfalls

watching nearby

De Ranch
getting up close to a pair of horses

picking the ripe ones


Rumah Stroberi
picking out strawberries; a snack of pancakes with ice cream and strawberries

carrot peddler

buying some carrots from a peddler on the way to Taman Safari

feeding a zebra

a family of deers

getting really close to the animals (zebras, deers, elephants, camels, llamas etc) and feeding them carrots. I thought this was the best part of the whole trip and also Kaeden's first close contact with animals like these.


and definitely shopping for clothing in Bandung where there are many factory outlets and clothing of reasonable pricing.

In Jakarta, we had some good meals of Chinese and Japanese food although I was put off by the traffic jams we were constantly in. Overall this trip was fulfilling, revisiting some places and an eye opener for the new ones, appreciating the natural sights and getting close to animals. But it was truly exhausting! As Kaeden refused to be apart from either me or Brian, the babysitting and having him on our laps/arms all the time, and dealing with mealtime tantrums amount to the body ache I'm nursing now.

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  1. Hey! It looks like a really good trip even if tiring :)

    I never imagined it to be that way after looking at Palembang day in and day out...ignorant me!


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