Tuesday, November 17, 2009

of fortune fishes

It seems my mind and determination work the hardest when I'm not feeling well. Fever on Sunday saw me hitting the sack but I couldn't have my dream rest (curling warmly under the blanket and have a small bowl of hot piping chicken macaroni soup delivered to me at mealtimes). Brian had to help look after our sick son and I'm left to look after myself and helped tend to Kaeden whenever necessary. It is like these times, I wish my parents are living nearby and so they can chip in some help and maybe I'll get some attention showered on me. Ahh... the woes.. and when stuffy nose did not help in me having a good sleep, ideas swim in my mind and when the medicine took its effects making me feel slightly better, I began to feel restless and had to do some crafting.

We have a small pond (actually a black plastic tub) set up for about two weeks already. It's filled with 6 little koi fishes and floating water hyacinth. It's nice and calming to look at the fishes and Kaeden does seem to like them, helping me feed them every now and then. Initially, the "pond" is located on the right side of our entrance door when looking out. Then I'd to learn about the ideal Feng Shui location for a fish pond.

"..... Feng Shui strenuously advise women against having mirrors in the bedrooms, having a fish pond or aquarium on the right hand side of the main door of their homes...."
quote from here.

So now, our fish pond is to the left with pots of greenery and all the better, as we have a proper electrical power source set up for the air pump and filter outside. Now, our front porch looks like fun and encourages me to step outside more. (By the way, I'm not doing anything about the mirror in the room. Where else can the dresser with mirror be, if not the bedroom? I take some advices by the heaps, sometimes pinches if not, none at all.)

So as I was saying, the restless yesterday and inspired by our fishes, I made a purse and two brooches. They are made out of my precious small stash of vintage embroidered handkerchiefs. As I was cutting into them, I was saddened as I wasn't sure if I'm able to find these handkerchiefs again. But these finished handcraft out of the hankies are probably worth cutting into.

(purse and brooches are now in shop)


  1. Hey! CUTE! Both the real fish AND the embroidered ones.

  2. Lovely pouch and brooches.

    I sort of believe in Fengshui too, but I take it more in the scientific way. Try to have the mirror inside the wardrobe door instead of outside, so that you don't wake up look at yourself in the mirror, especially in middle of the night, that can be scary..hehehe...

  3. those brooches and the pouch are incredible! i'm off to check out your shop!


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