Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mostly homely

So we had a homely birthday celebration for the man yesterday. Homemade strawberry and chocolate cake (What VW logo decoration?), sparkly candles and opening of the handmade present in the morning, homecook curry chicken with bread and rice, lychee flavour and chocolate flavour konnyaku jelly for lunch and dinner. Homemade, handmade, homecook. yep. No wonder I woke up still feeling drained this morning. But it was good fun. A nice change from ordering a cake from outside, eating out and buying a gift some machines made.

The handmade bears are made mainly using Brian's worn green t-shirt which he wears at home and I stole it. "Why did you cut it up, without asking me?" said Brian, 4 days ago. and some small parts of other old clothing, stuffing and buttons from my small collection.

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