Thursday, November 26, 2009

kitchen linen week :: roosters


linen bags :: roosters

linen bag :: roosters

I remembered having some pictures of feathered animals in my iPhoto portfolio. Turned out they were ducks in an area which was the recipient of a charity drive organized by our friends months ago. Some houses in that area are built on stilts over a rather unclean swamp and these ducks, probably some families' livestock, roamed around there.

Finally, my last two bags for marking the self designated week of kitchen linen. 'roosters'. I used the two seed(?) buttons, given to me by my sis-in-law for fastening, for I thought it to be rather apt for these two bags.

All four of these bags made out of kitchen linen will be put up for sale at Doinky Doodles!, 33 Bali Lane (Singapore).

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  1. Aww!! They are super incredible! I can't wait for them to arrive here:D


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