Tuesday, November 24, 2009

kitchen linen week :: reindeers


reindeer bag

The second bag for this week, marking my dedication for kitchen linen towels. Reindeers. I'm thinking of the upcoming season's celebration.

I caught the movie 'Twilight' on tv, Sunday evening. My mind is still swooning over the romanticism of it. I never thought I would be like this. I first heard of the written novel from a friend and upon recognizing that the target readers are mainly youngsters, I put my intention of reading it back on hold. Not because I think I'm all adult-y, really. I love the Harry Potter's series. I just thought I won't be able to connect much with the storyline. Looks like I'm wrong and I'm considering borrowing the book from somewhere. I'd seen the book in the local library before, I'm going to try looking there.

When the movies are good, I'm sure the novels are better. I believe in reading more than watching. The other movie I watched on tv and moved me deeply was 'The Kite Runner'. I thought I should pick the book up sometime too.


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