Monday, November 23, 2009

kitchen linen week :: goose

kitchen linen


Some kitchen linen I came upon recently inspired me to make them into bags. I shall dedicate this week to be a 'a week of kitchen linen'. I like these linen for its practicality, fabric strength and homely designs. For today, one goose theme linen, green coloured bag, sort of like a bucket style and a strap, good for shoulder carry.

I haven't had great luck with cameras lately. My nikon D60 is still going through repair for some lens fault. I've been asking for it for the repair is taking too long a time and I'm missing it. Then I'd to knock our canon off to the floor when passing it to Brian yesterday. So I'm left with one more belonging to Brian and one which I call the 'monster' because it's big and full of tech-y functions which I've no idea how to deal with.


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