Sunday, November 29, 2009

green & white dough

green & white play dough

playing with dough

playing dough

a man, a dog & a bird

The weather is cool and we're staying in this morning. A good opportunity for me to try making dough for the first time while the father and son duo watched. They did their part by popping by the nearby warung for more salt before I started making. As I only have green food coloring in the pantry, we end up with green and white coloured homemade play dough.

Kaeden had a "pau" in his hands for awhile and Brian let his creativity flowed too. I like the 'a man, a dog & a bird' figurines.

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  1. We've done that before here too. I found directions that told how to use some natural things for coloring like cocoa for brown and tumeric for yellow and paprika for orange. Let me warn you--the cocoa dough doesn't taste anywhere near as good as it smells!!


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