Monday, November 30, 2009

delicate purses & a giveaway (sorry, closed.)!

'delicate flowers' purses

'baskets of fruits' purses

'delicate roses' purses

Over the weekend, I made eight purses for an order from my dear friend, Christie. They are made out of mostly vintage new old stock handkerchiefs. Remember these? The purses with purple and yellow roses are made of a handkerchief I received from a swap. Hence, my collection of handkerchiefs have been greatly depleted and I'm feeling a strange sensation of insecurity. Need to top up my meagre collection, soon.

'lace & yellow checks' purse - a giveaway

Do you know of a giveaway day (on Dec 2) all over blog land? Since I was in the making purses mojo, I made one more out of vintage yellow checks, lace purse lined with reclaimed soft green cotton, new brown zip and attached to the fastening's holder, is a filigree charm. I'll put this up as my giveaway item.

Anyone who would like to have this purse, please leave me a comment in this post, your e-mail address and if possible after, add me to your reading blog list/be my blog follower (check out the left bar of this blog). I'll pick a winner on 6 Dec, Sunday morning JKT time. I'll ship this purse anywhere in the world.
Good luck!

Comments are closed (at number 70) for this giveaway now.
Thank you all for visiting and leaving such nice comments.
The giveaway purse will be going to Carmel (picked at I'll be contacting her via email shortly.
Thank you Sew Mama Sew!, for hosting this wonderful blogland event!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

green & white dough

green & white play dough

playing with dough

playing dough

a man, a dog & a bird

The weather is cool and we're staying in this morning. A good opportunity for me to try making dough for the first time while the father and son duo watched. They did their part by popping by the nearby warung for more salt before I started making. As I only have green food coloring in the pantry, we end up with green and white coloured homemade play dough.

Kaeden had a "pau" in his hands for awhile and Brian let his creativity flowed too. I like the 'a man, a dog & a bird' figurines.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

kitchen linen week :: roosters


linen bags :: roosters

linen bag :: roosters

I remembered having some pictures of feathered animals in my iPhoto portfolio. Turned out they were ducks in an area which was the recipient of a charity drive organized by our friends months ago. Some houses in that area are built on stilts over a rather unclean swamp and these ducks, probably some families' livestock, roamed around there.

Finally, my last two bags for marking the self designated week of kitchen linen. 'roosters'. I used the two seed(?) buttons, given to me by my sis-in-law for fastening, for I thought it to be rather apt for these two bags.

All four of these bags made out of kitchen linen will be put up for sale at Doinky Doodles!, 33 Bali Lane (Singapore).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

kitchen linen week :: reindeers


reindeer bag

The second bag for this week, marking my dedication for kitchen linen towels. Reindeers. I'm thinking of the upcoming season's celebration.

I caught the movie 'Twilight' on tv, Sunday evening. My mind is still swooning over the romanticism of it. I never thought I would be like this. I first heard of the written novel from a friend and upon recognizing that the target readers are mainly youngsters, I put my intention of reading it back on hold. Not because I think I'm all adult-y, really. I love the Harry Potter's series. I just thought I won't be able to connect much with the storyline. Looks like I'm wrong and I'm considering borrowing the book from somewhere. I'd seen the book in the local library before, I'm going to try looking there.

When the movies are good, I'm sure the novels are better. I believe in reading more than watching. The other movie I watched on tv and moved me deeply was 'The Kite Runner'. I thought I should pick the book up sometime too.

Monday, November 23, 2009

kitchen linen week :: goose

kitchen linen


Some kitchen linen I came upon recently inspired me to make them into bags. I shall dedicate this week to be a 'a week of kitchen linen'. I like these linen for its practicality, fabric strength and homely designs. For today, one goose theme linen, green coloured bag, sort of like a bucket style and a strap, good for shoulder carry.

I haven't had great luck with cameras lately. My nikon D60 is still going through repair for some lens fault. I've been asking for it for the repair is taking too long a time and I'm missing it. Then I'd to knock our canon off to the floor when passing it to Brian yesterday. So I'm left with one more belonging to Brian and one which I call the 'monster' because it's big and full of tech-y functions which I've no idea how to deal with.

Friday, November 20, 2009

this day five years ago

Relieving this day, 5 years ago. We registered our marriage in Jan '03 but had the wedding celebration a year and half later. I looked through those photos taken on that day by our designated photographer on Brian's computer earlier, relieving those moments.

Appreciating the pretty flowers, missing my hand bouquet of peonies, smiling at images of our gregarious friends, wondering if I'm still able to fit into my Kebaya which I wore for the evening and ogling at the Peranakan food and wedding cake which I didn't eat much on that day...

We'll probably stay in and look through the photos and talk (and laugh about the chaos then) before the day ends today.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

of fortune fishes

It seems my mind and determination work the hardest when I'm not feeling well. Fever on Sunday saw me hitting the sack but I couldn't have my dream rest (curling warmly under the blanket and have a small bowl of hot piping chicken macaroni soup delivered to me at mealtimes). Brian had to help look after our sick son and I'm left to look after myself and helped tend to Kaeden whenever necessary. It is like these times, I wish my parents are living nearby and so they can chip in some help and maybe I'll get some attention showered on me. Ahh... the woes.. and when stuffy nose did not help in me having a good sleep, ideas swim in my mind and when the medicine took its effects making me feel slightly better, I began to feel restless and had to do some crafting.

We have a small pond (actually a black plastic tub) set up for about two weeks already. It's filled with 6 little koi fishes and floating water hyacinth. It's nice and calming to look at the fishes and Kaeden does seem to like them, helping me feed them every now and then. Initially, the "pond" is located on the right side of our entrance door when looking out. Then I'd to learn about the ideal Feng Shui location for a fish pond.

"..... Feng Shui strenuously advise women against having mirrors in the bedrooms, having a fish pond or aquarium on the right hand side of the main door of their homes...."
quote from here.

So now, our fish pond is to the left with pots of greenery and all the better, as we have a proper electrical power source set up for the air pump and filter outside. Now, our front porch looks like fun and encourages me to step outside more. (By the way, I'm not doing anything about the mirror in the room. Where else can the dresser with mirror be, if not the bedroom? I take some advices by the heaps, sometimes pinches if not, none at all.)

So as I was saying, the restless yesterday and inspired by our fishes, I made a purse and two brooches. They are made out of my precious small stash of vintage embroidered handkerchiefs. As I was cutting into them, I was saddened as I wasn't sure if I'm able to find these handkerchiefs again. But these finished handcraft out of the hankies are probably worth cutting into.

(purse and brooches are now in shop)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

finding the yellow around

This week my purchase of an old calendar linen came in the mail. I'd wanted to make something for myself out of it but decided it be too precious to be cut up so it's hanging on my "inspiration wall" for now. Perhaps it's the change of season - to the wet -, Kaeden is down with the cold again and it seems I'm not able to combat the virus myself. and since I've the afternoon off, I couldn't waste time resting and sew a zip case made of vintage yellow handkerchief and lace (now in shop), while feeling my nose area gaining that strange heavy sensation.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

cashew nuts

The last time my father came to visit us here, he brought us some packs of nuts. One of them is a packet of cashew nuts which I opened up to munch on a few days back. I figured the pack of nuts would lose the crunchiness fast so I turned some into cookies this morning. The recipe I used was copied and passed onto me by my mum.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mostly homely

So we had a homely birthday celebration for the man yesterday. Homemade strawberry and chocolate cake (What VW logo decoration?), sparkly candles and opening of the handmade present in the morning, homecook curry chicken with bread and rice, lychee flavour and chocolate flavour konnyaku jelly for lunch and dinner. Homemade, handmade, homecook. yep. No wonder I woke up still feeling drained this morning. But it was good fun. A nice change from ordering a cake from outside, eating out and buying a gift some machines made.

The handmade bears are made mainly using Brian's worn green t-shirt which he wears at home and I stole it. "Why did you cut it up, without asking me?" said Brian, 4 days ago. and some small parts of other old clothing, stuffing and buttons from my small collection.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

making & baking

Brian will be turning a year older on Monday. It's hard to buy him a present, especially without him knowing. If I make a purchase online, he'll know. He's the one with the credit card. Like he knows a book (Volkswagen Official Service Manual : Fastback and Squareback) will be coming his way. So when I decided to make something for him for an added element of "surprise", I told him not to peek. Although he pretty much guessed what they were correctly.

He's asking for a cake with a VW logo. From initial reluctance, I decided to give it a shot and try to make one. I haven't have much confidence in baking yet! Anyway, a sponge cake did turn out and I'll be glazing it with chocolate tomorrow and decorate it with the much desired VW sign.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

something new

An idea just came to me earlier, turning my usual owl pattern into a purse with a wristlet, the closure using magnetic clasp. I was pretty anxious to complete it all within today. To make it a little more sturdy, I used some new interface which I remembered keeping somewhere. My, the material was so stiff, it made the making process, rather painful.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

just a Wednesday

Kaeden claimed a new toy. Something we bought, meant for the dogs a long time ago.

Brian's drawings under the instructions of Kaeden's.

Butter cake. I felt like making it in the morning once I woke up.

Monday, November 02, 2009

grocery shopping bag

I've always been wanting to work with burlap or gunny sacks used or unused, made of that material. But I haven't any idea where to get them locally. I did get hold of some used gunny sacks made of polypropylene. I kept them for sometime, rather undecided if I should just experiment with it. Finally I made one bag over the weekend after getting the batch of sacks hand washed and sun dried.

Lined with some vintage sarong fabric and I used trims for the handles. A pretty big bag, probably good for grocery shopping.

This bag will be going to Lilie Melo (France) as part of an art exchange this year.