Sunday, October 11, 2009

wall adornment

When visiting my girlfriend, Christie's new place in Singapore, I saw a cute handmade quilt which she uses as a floor mat. She told me it's made by her husband Andrei's grandma. The quilt's design is of rectangle fabric pieces joined together and I noticed some retro child prints in it. So inspired, I cut up some old clothing and made my own, a different version to it though. I had a stash of old clothing which I couldn't bear to donate and chose three. Brian's worn thin long sleeved shirt, a handmade blouse which didn't work out and a dress which I obviously couldn't wear anymore and one that held some nice memories.

I used this quilt to cover up a patch of wall that has some sticky tape which refused to be removed. A rather unsightly patch of wall that finally got covered up.

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  1. i love this little quilt! it's beautiful. :)
    p.s. been thinking about you and your family after the tragic news from padang. glad you are well!!


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