Wednesday, October 14, 2009

small threaded owl

I'd put off the thought of picking up embroidery before until recently I caved in. It's a pretty low-er cost hobby come to think of it (as compared to the others I've been into, *cough*). Bought the book 'Doodle-Stitching' off Amazon and two oval hoops (3"x5" and 5"x9") from etsy, rummaged through a box of leftover embroidery floss, cut up an old linen pants for its fabric, picked up a needle with a scissors nearby and , voila to my surprise I can finish a small project in some hours.

But I haven't figure out what I'm going to do with the finished embroidery projects . Probably keep them around my table and adopt the "hm, what will you be?" pose whenever.


  1. What a coincide! I've just borrowed Doodle stitching from the library recently, wanted to try embroidering some of my doodles too. Love the book, so inspiring!

  2. I just love your embroidery! Great job! I just might have to go onto Amazon and check out that book out!


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