Tuesday, October 06, 2009

combating loneliness :: disaster escape plan

Kaeden's lantern from his daddy. He didn't get the idea of holding it and walk around. It was Brian who did the lantern carrying. I wasn't used to taking night shots and most photos turned out blurry on that night with our friends at a park near my parents'. We had a family gathering with my mum's side on mid Autumn the night before we flew back to Palembang, on Sunday morning. It's been months since I've met my relatives. Kaeden looked like he had fun running around the house, socializing with them. I enjoyed auntie's home cooked dishes and the cozy feeling.

The next day when I was here, I'd to nurse some heart aches, self pitying my loneliness when Brian gets back to work and Ah Kwan is on leave from work for X days. But okay, I think I'm picking up now that today is day three. I have to convince myself there are plus sides to how the day moves so slowly although at this point, I can't do much about how our Tuesdays are about the same as Thursdays.

After the quake at Padang recently and reading the tragic news put me on the alert mode and for the first time, I took action and decided to put together a bag containing our passports (which used to be under lock and key), some documents, a credit card, first aid and bottled water. I'll be adding stuff, probably a torch and some cash. I felt uneasy being back here and having the bag and imagining the shortest escape route in the house only have me feeling slightly relieved.

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  1. Once again I totally understand what you mean about Tuesdays and Thursdays. It wasn't until late last year that I realised one of the pluses to time moving slowly is that I got to spend a lot of precious time with Aaron during a period where his development is so quick....but...it was only hindsight.

    Good idea about the emergency bag. We did that too. Plus, as you know, we did the stockpiling of food at home in case the emergency called for us to stay inside.

    Take care over there.


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