Monday, October 26, 2009


goldfishes, originally uploaded by table calender.

goldfishes, originally uploaded by table calender.

When Brian saw my draft for this embroidery on linen, he made a show of his inadequacy in reading those chinese words. He asked me why I'm having those words embroidered, I made a feeble attempt of singing him a song that I heard when I was young-er, reciting the chorus etched in my mind. He said it was stupid. How uncool, that must be his thought. I know. I'm his wife.

He may not know, he's creating an impression and putting up a front that he's just not interested in anything related to the chinese culture. As a mother, I'm determined to bring up Kaeden to be bi-lingual and at most, moderately adept at reading and writing both languages. Admittedly, I've not been consistent in speaking mandarin to Kaeden. Looks like I've to put two feet down and it'll be a lonely voyage.

and yes,
I'm getting back at him.


  1. Haha... I love this song! I love the singer too, but too bad he's gone. We are from the same era. :P

  2. Hi!Just want to say hello to you here. I hope from her("fat connection"- above my comment).

  3. LOL! Well, I can only read 5 of the characters there but I definitely agree with bringing up the kids bi-lingual-ly.

    Hey! Embroidery...another Nyonya trait! You'll be a full blown nyonya the next time I see you :)


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