Sunday, September 13, 2009

new possessions

I went to the Post office with Brian to collect my parcel from swap partner for last month's, Lori (USA). Brian had to tell the officer in charge of handling incoming parcels that it was for my birthday to prevent from giving too much a "favour" tip. er-hm.

It's interesting to receive these items from such a faraway place. Even the wool felt is something I've not come across.

A few days ago, Brian went to Bandung, in Java to look for our new (old) ride. We sold our VW Bug recently. Thought we need more car space so it was goodbye to that and hello to a 1968 VW variant sqaureback. It hasn't make its way to us yet. I'm pretty excited. Haven't got any pictures to show but I heard it's olive green (!) with a roof rack and it has a sliding sun roof. woo hoo!

So on his flight back Friday, he helped me buy some new books at the Jakarta airport.

I need these reading distractions. My expat (and only) friends are leaving for Australia in a week's and my father ending his visit in two and already I'm a pathetic case of heart pangs.

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  1. that parcel looks fabulous, I totally spot the wisconsin sticker (my home state!)... ahhh the 'tip', sigh.

    I am sorry to hear that your friends are leaving. double sigh.

    just keep reading:)

    ah yeah, and new car! exciting!


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