Thursday, September 10, 2009

barn owl

After making the last batch of zip purses, I thought I needed to come up with something new. I couldn't deviate much from an owl theme and having a zip as part of its features is still functional. I've been back and forth the drawing board a few times and finally decided on 'Barn owls' zip purse with two pockets on the front.

I find the looks of barn owls my favourite of the lot. Heart shape face and beady black eyes.

(image extracted from Anser Birding)

I tried a new way of patching up my lining of new blue gingham checks and didn't like the method much. Cost me a needle. I'd be switching back to my old style and I'd need to do some minor tweaking to the pattern. This prototype should have a purpose soon.


  1. Your new creation is cute, looks like the owl is wearing a pant, hohoho...

  2. I never gave much thought to owls before knowing you but I'm finding them really cute now.

    OK...before I leave, you need to give me a quick run down on how to put zips in neatly :)

  3. okay you are totally on to something. I love the combination of colours and fabrics here too!

    I still love the old design too, but its always good to come up with new ideas:) I use mine still!


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