Sunday, September 27, 2009

hello Singapore,

I'm here to tend to some stuff and since Brian and Kaeden have to tag along, we hope to visit the zoo and go places to eat local food. Checked off the list yesterday, was a trip to Sentosa's Palawan Beach together with our friends/neighbours. Kaeden's first contact with sand, so overdued but finally realized.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bags for ma

I suggested to my father to get my mother a batik bag from his visit in Palembang. But he thought she wouldn't like anything batik. "Sure or not?" Hey, I could make something for her. I'd cut up some purple linen for a bag which I didn't get to make and this was an opportunity. and I used a piece of batik from an old shirt which is part of what I'd salvaged, once belonging to my father-in-law. They were uncovered from a box of his old clothes mainly pants, some suits, shirts and an odd pair of socks, kept in his warehouse for probably 30 years. With father-in-law's permission (of course!), I kept the batik shirts, gave the suit jackets (vintage Indo-style!) to a friend whom we thought would like them and the rest to a clothes/toys/books etc drive for the less fortunate organized by our friends here a few months ago.

The bag made for my mum is also interfaced for sturdiness and lined with purple gingham checks fabric and a small pocket probably good for the train card. The handles are long enough for shoulder carry.

I also bought her an evening purse which I thought looks pretty classy. Many local women like to dress up tailored made gowns of lace, satin and expensive looking fabric for formal events and evening purses would be part of the garb. So there is quite a good selection of such purses in affordable prices in some shopping places here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hugs n' kisses

Our Ponyo toy has been the central of someone's fervent admiration for awhile around here. Yes, we managed to watch the animation two days ago. Simple storyline. The topic of love, um hm. I like the cartoonfied version of ocean waves and the sounds they make. Deep tones woooo.. wooooo...s.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

{blog birthday} & {a barn owl purse giveaway!} - giveaway closed!

My first entry to this blog was on the 30 September 2006. Thinking back and looking at right now, I still like how my blog has been. I do try to make this place about my crafting and to spur the mojo of it all. There were the snippets of life in general and family, which I'll like to be this sporadic. There were times when I had to read my previous posts and admittedly I winced, feeling slightly embarrassed. But I wouldn't change a thing, knowing that those posts had captured my moods and state of mind at those times.

Since it's the blog's birthday month, I feel like making something to give away to one of my readers. I've more or less decided on my barn owl zip purse pattern. Here's the one to be given away, made of brown polka dot fabric, corduroy, pre-loved floral lining, metal zip and thread.

Do leave a comment and email address, by the 30th this month.

Friday, September 18, 2009

quilted pears

I had the fabric pieces for making these stuffed pears since then and that felt like a long time ago. Those childless days felt like eons ago (and Kaeden is only 18months!) and I feel so old all of a sudden. Anyway, I found these pieces again in the fabric cupboard, all frayed at the edges so I thought might as well. Thanks to Kwoozy, I now have two pears as eye candy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

new possessions

I went to the Post office with Brian to collect my parcel from swap partner for last month's, Lori (USA). Brian had to tell the officer in charge of handling incoming parcels that it was for my birthday to prevent from giving too much a "favour" tip. er-hm.

It's interesting to receive these items from such a faraway place. Even the wool felt is something I've not come across.

A few days ago, Brian went to Bandung, in Java to look for our new (old) ride. We sold our VW Bug recently. Thought we need more car space so it was goodbye to that and hello to a 1968 VW variant sqaureback. It hasn't make its way to us yet. I'm pretty excited. Haven't got any pictures to show but I heard it's olive green (!) with a roof rack and it has a sliding sun roof. woo hoo!

So on his flight back Friday, he helped me buy some new books at the Jakarta airport.

I need these reading distractions. My expat (and only) friends are leaving for Australia in a week's and my father ending his visit in two and already I'm a pathetic case of heart pangs.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

barn owl

After making the last batch of zip purses, I thought I needed to come up with something new. I couldn't deviate much from an owl theme and having a zip as part of its features is still functional. I've been back and forth the drawing board a few times and finally decided on 'Barn owls' zip purse with two pockets on the front.

I find the looks of barn owls my favourite of the lot. Heart shape face and beady black eyes.

(image extracted from Anser Birding)

I tried a new way of patching up my lining of new blue gingham checks and didn't like the method much. Cost me a needle. I'd be switching back to my old style and I'd need to do some minor tweaking to the pattern. This prototype should have a purpose soon.