Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tutorial :: travel diaper change pad

Thought I should share how I make my version of this diaper change pad (like this too). This corduroy change pad is going to an expectant friend. It's pretty light weight and there's a roomy compartment, good for holding up to 2 disposable diapers, a pack of wet wipes and a tube of cream. It'll make a handy bringalong, ready to be brought out in a mummy's bag along with a baby.

I use

corduroy (23.5" x 15")
terry towel (23.5" x 15")
vintage cotton (35.5" x 15")
embroidered trim (25.5")
velcro (1" x 1")

I'd also need a sewing machine, scissors and a needle.

Fold the cotton (which would be used as a compartment for diapering accessories: wet wipes/diapers/cream) in half, right side facing each other and sew along the edges, approximately half an inch away from edge. Leave an opening and turn the right side out. Straighten the cloth and pin the edges and corner. Hem the opening to close the gap.

Place the sewn cotton on the right side of corduroy, placing it at the width of the corduroy. Place the piece of terry towel over and sew the 3 pieces of fabric together. Then sew along the side of the corduroy and terry cloth, ensuring that I do not fuse the cotton together. Turn the right side out.

Pin the sides of the almost-there pad, hem the opening and top-stitch sew the sides of corduroy and terry cloth together.

Fold the cotton into half and pin the left and right side of the folded part to the other at a slight angle. Sew the left-right sides down. There, we have a roomy pocket.

The fastening part. Fold the trim (3" long) in and sew the sides close. Attach one part of velcro to it and sew. As for the other end of the trim, fold it slightly in and pin trim onto the middle of the corduroy. Sew the trim down onto the pad. Be sure that the thread colour matches the materials (top and bottom). (ie. black thread for trim, white thread at the bottom for matching the terry's colour.)

Fold the pad and estimate where the other part of velcro should be on the pad and sew.

There, we have a diaper change pad. Let me know if you've made one for yourself or a friend. Would love to receive any feedback on this tutorial. Thanks!


  1. Your change pad looks great. I don't think I quite understand how it works though. What is the (cartoon) fabric pocket part for? Is it otherwise just a rectangle that has towelling material on one side and corduroy on the other? Sewing beginner with two babies from Germany, living in New Zealand. Thanks.

  2. @Anonymous
    Hi! Now that I look at this post, my photos are really done up poorly. sorry!

    This change pad is really a simple two-fold thing fastened by velcro. The baby rests on the terry cloth part when opened. The corduroy is the other side, the part which touches the change table. The cartoon cotton makes a compartment which extends from the part where baby rests, for holding diapers, wet wipes, cream.

    Hope I explained well!


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