Saturday, August 22, 2009

a red case for the stork

My new scissors arrived in the mail yesterday. It's a 3.5'' stork embroidery scissors, a gift from Brian (bought from here). He's asking Rp 5000 from me. It's a gesture that we carry out, probably uncanny to most people. We know not to give anything sharp as presents which we think to symbolize cutting ties from the recipient. Just like I would pay a nominal fee to Brian when he buys my footwear. Wouldn't want me to walk away from him, would he? We're superstitious that way.

Made a small case for the scissors from vintage trim, lined with scrap fabric. Definitely one of my favourite trims there. I may not have noticed until now but I like the colour red. Like seeing items with bursts of bright red around me.


  1. oh I love the superstitions. they are so interesting when they are not from your culture, and those two make a lot of sense.

    I have those scissors too and let me tell you that they are fantastic. one of the best tools I have in my sewing world and I even brought them with me to berlin.

    also the blog is looking pretty these days!

  2. wow- these superstitions are so interesting to me! i've never heard of them, but yes, they make sense. :)

    the scissors are beautiful- i think i might order some too!


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