Tuesday, August 04, 2009

owl baking mould :: kueh bolu

When I saw the owl baking mould in a supermarket on Sunday, I almost did a happy dance. Bought two of it. I was careless as I only noticed some slight rusting on one mould where the teflon coating didn't cover some small parts of it when I returned home.

I thought the moulds would be good for making kueh bolu~s, one of Brian's favourite snacks. The recipe I used is from the book, Nyonya Specialties, purchased some years back. Just when I put the moulds filled with the batter into the oven, the bottom fire went off! In my exasperated bid to re-lit, I burnt off some skin on my finger on the wire rack inside. Now, this fire vanishing act had happened a few times before and when it didn't occur the last time of baking, I thought it is alright again. The oven must be looked into already!

I had to do my best with the only available top fire and was glad that of the whole batch of batter, some kueh~s did turn out. Honestly, I find the cakes too egg-y tasting. Compared to the ones we can buy from bakeries in Singapore, I'll like the recipe to be sweeter and more floury. Will attempt more tries until I get the "perfect" kueh~s.

My bad luck with the oven resulted in a burnt second batch attempt! Brian went to dish out the unburnt parts to eat. What a mouse! He took a photo of a super black owl on his hand.


  1. I like the look of that super black one!! Hope your fingers are ok and not seriously burnt. You can put papaw cream on burns too...cuts down on blisters.

  2. You have to be more careful! I like the super black owl too, it looks like dark chocolate owl, hehehe....


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