Saturday, August 15, 2009

celebratory lanterns

I have my fair share of complains of where we are living and working at now. Palembang, in my view is really a growing business town. There are a mixture of educated+refined, educated+uncouth and uncouth people, mostly the latter tipping the end of the balance. If we look close enough and willing to open our hearts and also with some luck, we get to meet friendly down to earth locals. I think I'll be a lot happier if there is a beach to go to, a mountain or two to ride up on and parks to go. But this is just, after all, Palembang and by the alignment of the stars, we are here for now.

Of course, I have some favourites of this place. Just a few but they're special. One of them is the road, Jalan Merdeka around mid August. It will be a colourful stretch, with clusters of road side vendors selling wooden lanterns in celebration for Indonesia's Independence Day (17 Aug).

I made a pilgrimage there with my family yesterday.

A boat lantern and a horse carriage have joined the duck lantern (2007).

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  1. HEY! I haven't stopped by in a while because of my travels, but it looks like you are doing well. I love these photos of indo. I know it must be hard living somewhere that is not your top choice, but it sounds like you have a good attitude and are making the best of it :)


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