Thursday, August 27, 2009

all labelled up

Got my printed fifi labels, made of cardboard (i'm sure of recycled materials!) and finally able to pack up my handmade (10) owl eyeglass cases and (10) owl zip purses together with them to be sent out to

Doinky Doodles Shop
33 Bali Lane
(2nd floor)

today and also in the post, my swap parcel is going out.

Think I can kick back and relax for awhile.


  1. Hey congrats! I always say your handwork is spectacular AND their always cute so you're going to be making a FIFI name alright!

  2. i love your little 'fifi' labels and the story- so cute!
    all the best for your little owl cases- i'm sure they'll be a hit. :)


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