Wednesday, July 29, 2009

travelling with baby

Our last trip in Singapore, we were once in the Toa Payoh area running an errand. I remembered Brian's long time friends live near the central so I suggested paying them a visit. Siva was working then and luckily, Kannia was home with her latest member addition to the family and her eldest son. I'd wanted to meet them for so long and I was glad we paid the visit. Baby Anushka is a darling and I've felt guilty for not bringing a gift that visit ever since.

I made a mental note to look for a baby dress when I returned to Palembang. However, I haven't seen a clothing satisfactory enough to send to Anushka and I wouldn't want to delay too long!

Did some thinking, a short researching on the internet and planning in the head yesterday and when Brian returned from work last evening and helped with babysitting, I made a travel diaper change pad for Kannia. I was pretty excited when the project took its form as I made it along. I wanted the change pad to be of a sufficient size so that baby can lie down and for it be functional, easy to use. Also I wanted it have clean lines and not look too "mum-ish". This change pad is made of hand-me-down stripe linen, a terry towel, vintage trim, thread and velcro for attachment.

Above shows how the travel diaper change pad looks when there are two disposable diapers, a pack of wet wipes and a tube of nappy rash cream in the roomy compartment and when it's laid open. Good to have it ready in the mummy's bag. I hope this still comes useful for Kannia. After all, baby is already a few months old! Maybe I'll look and hopefully get a nice baby clothing this weekend.


  1. You seriously are the most thoughtful gift giver I know!


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