Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"to market, to market, to buy..."

It's my little family's good fortune that we have a middle-aged domestic helper whom we like, working for us here in Palembang. Ah Kwan has so far proved to be reliable, efficient and a good cook. She comes in the mornings and usually leave for home by 4pm on weekdays and works half a day on Saturdays. Besides the chores and marketing, she also helps me out with babysitting for short intervals when I need to do some quick cooking. Kaeden sees her as part of the family and seeks for her often. Ah Kwan is good with him too. Very lively when interacting with the boy and the word that he has been saying a few times a day everyday currently, is "pecah!". A word that Kaeden learnt from Ah Kwan whenever he threatens to drop the item in his hands. Now it's "pecah!" everytime an item dropped onto the floor despite it being intact.

This morning I got two marketing bags that Ah Kwan helped me buy from a market near her home. They are handmade woven bags made of plastic strips which some local women would use for their marketing because of its large and easy to clean interior space. It's a local product that I appreciate in its pretty form and functionality.


  1. Hey! Good buy there! Great looking and supportive of the community too :)

  2. You are really lucky to have a helper, and a good one.


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