Friday, July 03, 2009

milk and honey quick bread

It's no secret I like to eat bread. Looks like Kaeden is one bread lover too. We have to have it for breakfast a few days a week. Since I have an oven now and I try to make an effort to use it once a week, making bread is in the agenda. But I'm an amateur baker and quick bread is something I can tread on first.

I found a recipe for Milk and Honey quick Bread here. As usual, I didn't follow exactly. For one, I didn't use nuts. Nuts are a rare luxury in this household and where we are, I can't get walnuts and pecans which I love to eat. Peanuts are easy to obtain here though. I used up my bottle of honey today. It was about a quarter cup left. I also put over a loose foil of aluminum over the pan when baking as the top fire is always so strong. The bread did turn out alright. However I do find it too salty and next time, half a teaspoon of salt should suffice.

I must agree the bread tastes yummy with butter!

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  1. Great to hear that you are baking! From the picture they look yummy! Teach me when we meet up, be it S'pore or Indo.


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