Tuesday, July 07, 2009

little by a little bit

So this will be going to Christie. The purse is made of vintage print red fabric and pre-loved floral lining, buttons and metal zip which I love to use for the owls. I also made a simple vintage trim keychain to go along with it this morning. It can double up as a wristlet, I guess.

I didn't sew much during the weekend. In fact I didn't do anything much except to take care of Kaeden and cook for the last two days as Brian had to be away in Jakarta for a work trip. It was a last minute decision and though it wasn't the first time he had to be away, it was definitely the first time I'd to deal with the household by myself. It was funny how every time before he leaves, there would be a mini episode of melodrama with yours truly as the lead actress but I always know there will be similar future events like it. Anyhow, I think I was strong for until the night before Brian came back last morning. Admittedly I was stressed up already. I start to loosen up only little by little bit from this morning. I think.

Some purses I did before the weekend. I'd put them up in my shop.

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  1. wow! thanks dear! been so busy lately, and so tired, wish to chat with you more. love, christie


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