Friday, July 24, 2009

keeping (miracle) plant nearby

Aloe vera, not exactly a pretty looking plant but I do ♥ it. It's called 'lidah buaya' in Indonesian language, its direct translation, 'crocodile's tongue'. Sometime back, a tante (a Dutch term for 'aunt') gave me a tip of using the aloe vera's sap to increase Kaeden's hair growth. Remove the outer skin of an aloe vera leaf, take the sap and smear it on the kid's head, leave it on for about half hour before his shower. What little left of excess sap could be kept in a container and chilled in the fridge for similar future usage.

I tried it on Kaeden just 2 or 3 times, each time buying an aloe vera leaf from the supermarket. I can't say it's effective but after all, I haven't been diligent. Kaeden's hair growth did increase by a wee amount after a shave a few months back. The hair colour also darkened, both Ah Kwan and I noticed. But that's about it. I introduced beans (and nuts, soon I hope) to his diet. Hopefully, that would help too.

Also, Jorubi aloe vera gel is a neccessity in this household. I run to it whenever Kaeden fell and when a bruise might envelope, on his heat rash, scratch marks and on my zits, the rare but irritating oral ulcers and as a moisturizer once in a while. The only problem that it can't solve efficiently for us is mozzy bites.

I thought keeping a pot of aloe vera plant would be useful so we visited a mini "orchard" by the roadside, asking for it this morning. Apparently, it isn't a common plant that people buy here. The lady seller pointed to a lonely one hidden among plants and when I told her I would be taking it, she asked for my purpose of buying it. I bought a pot, made of broken tiles and plates/bowls by the sellers and soil from them as well. When I asked for the total price, it took a while for the sellers to quote me. The lonesome aloe vera plant certainly doesn't seem to be part of their inventory!


  1. Haiya! You should have asked me for aloe vera leaves. We have some near the fish pond :)

    Anyway, Kaeden's hair will be great eventually. Just look at his parent's hair!!

  2. Yes Fiona, Aloe Vera is also good for burns. Same way as you apply on Kaeden's hair.
    However to highlight, when apply on the face it itches.


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